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Stream in Big Basin

Forrest Croce Photography

Humans have spent most of their existence living in nature, and the idea lives on in all of us. We live in houses and apartments, find ripe food in grocery stores ... and enjoy the sunlight kissing our skin on a warm day. The woods call out to us, and those in the city become "weekend warriors" heading out on the trail Saturdays or Sundays. Others head out of the city altogether, trading in the labyrinthine rat race for a solitary moonrise.

Iron Horse Trail

Welcome to Forrest Croce dot com; I'm a photographer swinging back and forth like a pendulum between these two extremes of modernity. Inside you'll find images from six coast-to-coast trips across North America, focused mostly on the West.

Starting from the Pacific Mecca of Big Sur, California, you can trace a route inland to the first mountain range, north up the volcanoes to southern British Columbia, then back down the Rockies. We'll visit Zion Canyon in the great wastelands of Utah, head into Colorado through ancient Mesa Verde, stopping at the Cliff Palace of the Anasazi, come north through Yellowstone and continue on to the Crown of the Continent in Montana. These travels feel like they've been spread across as many years as miles. Here on the web we'll see only the highlights, leaving out the nights in frost-covered tents.

Enjoy your travels!

artificial waterfall
View from the Space Needle

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